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Todo es sincronía; Tú por ejemplo, has llegado aquí porque los elementos del tantra, su filosofía, su mística o su potencial de curación y evolución te llaman de alguna forma. Si buscas abrazar la belleza y la dicha que la vida tiene para ofrecer, entonces el camino tántrico puede ser para ti.

Nuestra misión es capacitar a otros para que expresen y experimenten su amor, su sexualidad y la naturaleza divina de su esencia masculino-femenina con la mayor plenitud y alegría posible. Tantra es un enfoque experiencial para vivir y amar; te invita a expresar la plenitud de tu ser aquí y ahora, a experimentar cada momento y el todo como una expresión de amor y creación.

Este camino desafiante puede llevar al practicante dedicado al crecimiento personal, la curación psico-emocional, el empoderamiento sexual, el autoconocimiento y el despertar espiritual.  En Santuario Avalon nos esforzamos por hacer accesibles las antiguas enseñanzas, rituales, prácticas y meditaciones del Shaivismo de Cachemira, Kaula Tantra, Agama Yoga y Bhairava ​​Vigyana Tantra y poner a disposición de todos los curiosos que se atrevan a salir de su zona de confort para abrazar su mayor  potencial y dicha.

Tantric retreats
in English Only

TANTRA workshops
in English Only

A committed loving relationship is an adventure of heart, body, mind, and spirit where two individuals choose to journey together on a noble quest for personal evolution, authentic self-expression, joyful surrender and blissful union.  It takes courage and resolve to live authentically from the heart and to share your self and your life with another. 


Kalki Dev, award winning author and international teacher of meditation and tantra;  has created Hridaya Tantra, the path of Loving Consciousness. Offering a practical approach to the ancient teachings and practices of Kashmiri Shaivism, Kuala Tantra and Buddhist Mindfulness training. Kalki works with one couple at a time creating a personalized and in-depth experience to you suit your specific needs as an individual and as a couple. We invite you to join us for seven beautiful days and let yourselves be inspired to live the dream that first drew you together. With Kalki Dev's compassionate guidance you and your partner will be introduced to and initiated into some core Tantric concepts, practices and rituals. The following topics will be explored: the Tantric relationship, the Masculine and Feminine dynamic, the Art of Ritual, the Spiritual Heart Connection, Authentic Self-expression and Communication, Polarity and Sexual Attraction,  Love, Desire and the Transformative Power of Sexual Energy, Healing through Love and much more...

This is a journey that will transform you and your relationship bringing greater depth to your physical,  emotional,  energetic and spiritual connection.

7 Day Transformative Retreat Includes:
- Pre-booking interview

- Accommodation for 6 nights 
- 2 Meals a day (breakfast and dinner)
- All teachings & materials
- Couples counseling

- Personal healing sessions
- Creation of r
elationship manifesto
- Cacao Ceremony
- Closing Ritual

- Four 30min follow up sessions via video chat
Cost:  $35,000mxn pesos

4 Day 'Initiation to Tantra' Retreat is also available. 

- Pre-booking interview

- Accommodation for 3 nights 
- 2 Meals a day (breakfast and dinner)
- All teachings & materials
- Couples counseling
- Creation of relationship manifesto
- Cacao Ceremony
- Closing Ritual

Cost:  $25,000mxn pesos

To book your retreat Contact Us

 Kalki Dev  offers 2 1/2 day Tantric workshops for  couples. The teachings are based on the traditional tantric approach of integrating body, mind, energy and consciousness as well as the more contemporary concepts of conscious loving and mindful living.


Tantra Essentials 
A comprehensive introduction to traditional tantric concepts, practices, meditations and rituals and how they apply to the today's world . For those who wish to understand and experience the transformative potential that Tantra can have on their lives and their relationships. 
Topics explored:  Awakening the Spiritual Heart,  Mindfullness & Conscious Loving, Authentic Communication, Desire/Sex & Connection, etc.. 

Conscious Loving & Sacred Intimacy
This practical workshop for couples is all about exploring the Tantric relationship: the consciousness of love, the masculine and feminine dynamic, opening and healing the heart, the power of desire and how to maintain it, and creating rituals are some of the topics explored. 

Touching Intimacy: Awakening the Tantric Body

 **(This workshop only available to couples who have completed the Tantra Essentials or Conscious Loving workshop)
A sensual and intimate workshop for couples who desire to experience a deeper connection, greater awareness, pleasure, sacredness, and sexual healing in their relationship and lovemaking. An exploration of the Kama Marmas (the 18 erogenic zones of the body), Yoni and Lingam worship, as well as an introduction to Orgasmic Breathing.

Includes workshop, lodging and 2 meals /day

Friday 6pm to Sunday 2pm
$15,000mxn pesos / couple (min 2 couples/ max 3 couples)

For more information Contact us 


Kalki Dev will be your guide and teacher through out your journey with us. He  is an international teacher and speaker, award-winning author, tantric educator, relationship counselor, master practitioner in a variety of alternative healing arts.

Bringing decades of experience and knowledge  his intuitive insights, keen observation of the human condition, straight talk, and deep compassion will excite, challenge and inspire you to give the best of yourself to your self and to your life.

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